Sep 10

How Many School Zone Speeders During the First Week of School?


School has been in for a few weeks and some of the numbers of drivers speeding through a school zone are in. It is obvious that blinking warning lights is not enough in some areas.

avoid car accident in school zoneABC Action News investigated how many speeders were cited for speeding through a school zone during the first week of classes. Sarasota Police ticketed the most drivers, with Pinellas County then Polk County following behind — rounding out the top three.

ABC Action News reports that following citations from Tampa Bay areas:

• Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office – 20 citations
• Polk County Sheriff’s Office – 19 citations
• Pasco County Sheriff’s Office – 10 citations

In Pinellas County, the biggest problem area was on Belcher Road near Sutherland Elementary. According to the report, deputies clocked the top three speeders at 47, 48, and 50 miles an hour.

In Pasco County, they caught their fastest driver doing 46 miles an hour in a 15 mph school zone near Gulf Trace Elementary. However, they gave out the most citations near Double Branch Elementary in Wesley Chapel.

If you’re caught going too fast in a school zone, you’ll pay double than what you normally would. According to, speeding more than 30 mph over the speed limit in a school zone can cost you $555.50.

Drive safely through school zones and watch out for those who don’t.


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