Apr 3

See “When Pigs Fly” in Sarasota



My recent post about the documentary film, When Pigs Fly, resulted in an email from one of the producers of the film. Instead of paraphrasing the email, here it is in its entirety:

Hi Matthew,

In surfing the Internet, I discovered your site and noted that you have referenced our film, When Pigs Fly. Your brief review gets at the heart of what many see as the most important aspect of the film.

Eric and I would like to let you know that the film will be playing at the Sarasota Film Festival April 14 and 16. We will be attending the Saturday, April 14 screening at 8:30 pm. If you are available, please come by and introduce yourself.

We hope the film helps spread the word about the injustices of the workers’ comp system. It’s getting rave reviews from film critics, the psychiatric community, rehabilitation professionals, researchers and disability advocates, as well as from experts like yourself who represent injured workers.

The film itself is just the beginning of the saga. The website will live on and will chronicle Lory’s present and future battles with her insurers, her steadily declining health, and the status of the sanctuary she runs.

We hope to use the power of the Internet to raise awareness and give people like Lory a voice. At the very least, we want to help professionals like yourself educate the masses about the need for legal representation when faced with a workers’ comp injury.

We wish you the best.

Kind regards,

Phyllis Redman

producer, When Pigs Fly

I strongly encourage everyone to go to Sarasota and watch this film and say hello to Phyllis Redman and thank her for her hard work on the film. Also, I recommend that you visit Lory’s website,

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