Jul 28

Seminole Motorcycle Accident Death Could Have Been Avoided


motorcycle on roadMany of my post about Florida motorcycle accidents discuss how a motorcycle accident can be caused by the negligence of a vehicle driver. Sadly, last week’s Seminole motorcycle accident was apparently caused by the motorcyclist resulting in the death of the motorcyclist.

According to Bay News 9, the motorcycle accident happened at 49th Avenue North and Park Street North in Seminole. The report states that the motorcyclist was southbound on Park Street North when the flow of traffic began to slow due to the traffic signal changing from yellow to red. Instead of stopping with traffic, the motorcyclist reportedly continued to drive at a high rate of speed between cars. As the motorcycle entered the intersection of Park Street and 49th Avenue, the driver of a 2003 Subaru who had a green light began to make a left turn onto 49th Avenue. The motorcyclist attempted to avoid the crash which resulted in him losing control of his motorcycle. The motorcyclist was ejected from the bike and struck the rear wheel area of the Subaru. The motorcycle continued to slide down the roadway and caught on fire. The motorcyclist was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Most motorcyclists will agree that this Seminole motorcycle accident could have been avoided if the motorcyclist obeyed the rules of the road. However, remember that just because this particular motorcyclist sped between cars and ran a red light does not mean that all motorcyclists do.

Watch out for motorcyclists – the safe riders and the no-so-safe riders. A little extra alertness can save a life.


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