Oct 28

Another Serious Car Accident While Making Left Turn at Intersection


Making a left turn on any street can be dangerous. You have to count on the drivers in the opposite drivers seeing you and obeying the law. Sadly, many don’t and too many car accidents occur when drivers attempt to turn left. A recent car accident illustrates this.

car accident caused by left turn driver

These are not the vehicles involved in the crash in the article.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, two persons were seriously injured in a car crash northwest of Wesley Chapel Saturday when a man failed to stop at a red light. According to the report, Desiree Murphy of Land O’Lakes was driving a Honda Civic southbound in the left turn lane of Grand Oaks Boulevard. When Ms. Murphy got a green light, she began to turn onto County Road 54. However, another vehicle westbound on County Road 54 ran the red light causing a collision with Ms. Murphy’s vehicle. The impact was severe enough to cause a secondary crash with another vehicle. Two people were seriously hurt in the crash. According to the report, the at-fault driver was cited for running the red light, driving with no seat belt and driving with an expired tag. Authorities said alcohol was not a factor in the crash.

This is a good example of how inattentiveness can cause serious injuries in car accidents. When approaching an intersection where another driver may be turning left in front of you, don’t try to beat a yellow light. Also, even if your light is green, it is crucial that you watch that driver’s behavior and know your surroundings in case they attempt to turn in front of you. When making a left turn, appreciate that many drivers aren’t as careful as you. Be cautious when making your left turn even if you have the green light. Wait to make sure all vehicles are stopping to avoid the crash.

My serious car accident occurred while I was making a left turn onto U.S. 19 after my red light turned green. The other driver ran the red light and smashed into my driver’s door. Maybe that is why I am a bit preachier about safety when making a left turn.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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