Apr 2

Spring Break Is Not Over for All So Stay Alert for Car Accidents

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spring BreakAlthough many are wrapping up their Spring Break, a few of us are just starting ours. This means that you must stay vigilant on the roads to avoid being involved in a car accident during Spring Break.

According to TIME, spring break results in a sharp jump in traffic accident fatalities. Citing an study published in Economic Inquiry, TIME quotes the researcher saying: “We found that between the last week of February and the first week of April, a significantly greater number of traffic fatalities occurred in spring break hot spots compared to other locations in the same states and at other times of the year,” said researcher Michael T. French.

To support this conclusion, the researchers looks that car accident fatalities in 14 popular spring break destinations from Florida to California and compared those numbers to non-Spring Break driving. The results were that death tolls were 9.1% higher during spring break in these destinations, with a higher fatality incidence among drivers under 25 and those traveling from out-of-state.

To confirm that this time of the year was not all around more dangerous, the researchers looked at numbers of car accidents in non-spring break destinations for the same period and found that there was no increase in traffic accident fatalities in non-spring break destinations.

If you are wrapping up your Spring Break or just starting it, stay alert on the roads and don’t be involved in a car accident during Spring Break. Spring Break brings unfamiliar drivers who are often distracted by other things. So drive carefully and watch out for those who don’t!


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