Aug 21

Student Killed After Being Hit By Car While Walking To School

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An Auburndale 17-year-old student was killed this morning as he walked to school after being hit by a minivan. According to Fox 13 News, Enrique Hernandez was walking northbound in the northbound lane of Old Dixie Highway near US Highway 92 W when he was struck by a Dodge Caravan that was driving in the same direction. The driver immediately stopped and tried to help Hernandez, but the teen was declared dead at the scene. Unfortunately, there are no streetlights or sidewalks along that stretch of the roadway and it was dark at 6:40 a.m., the time of the crash.

This tragedy should serve as a reminder to all drivers that there will be more kids walking to and from school now that school is in session. Most kids take the same path each day. Drivers need to look ahead for pedestrians and maintain a safe speed in areas where kids are more likely to walk. Pedestrians should make sure they walk as far to the edge of the road as possible if there is no sidewalk. Also, bright colored clothing, reflective backpack or even a flashing light are all things that should be considered if your child is walking in the dark.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t.


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