Jan 17

Study Shows Serious Car Accident Has Long Time Affects



A recent report in the Annals of Emergency Medicine indicates that even one-and-one-half years after a serious car accident, drivers report worse health compared with before the crash, particularly if the injured person required hospitalization.

The doctors studied over 200 car drivers who survived a serious car accident and over 200 car drivers not involved in a car crash. After 18 months, only 7% of those not involved in a car crash reported their health was worse than at enrollment. In contrast, 20% of those injured in a car accident without hospitalization felt that their overall health was worse than before the crash while 43% of cases who did require hospitalization reported worsening health.

The authors concluded that drivers in serious car accidents are more likely to have reduced physical and general health after a car crash, particularly if they were hospitalized. Although their physical health may improve over time, their general and mental health do not, which may have long-term implications.

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