September 25


Motorcycles can be dangerous.  Sadly, another Florida motorcyclist has died after being involved in a motorcycle accident this morning.  According to the Florida Highway Patrol, shortly before 4:00 a.m. today, Paul Gatta was riding his motorcycle with a passenger, Angela Maria Fattausso, when he drove onto the shoulder of the road and lost control of his motorcycle. .

September 25

Text-Messaging While Driving Kills . . .It’s That Simple

The train operator was apparently text-messaging just before the recent horrible crash that killed and seriously injured several people.  The semi-truck driver that smashed into the school bus killing a student admits to being on the cell phone before the crash.  Text-messaging while driving kills.  You simply should not be doing it. Governor Schwarzenegger signed.

September 24

Construction Worker Killed on the Job

He was just doing his job placing signs on the shoulder of the road in Lakeland, Florida to get ready for roadwork when he was hit by a car and killed.  Now, Felipe Felix’s family is left without him. This is a sad case. You would think that workers’ compensation would take care of the.

September 23

Ways to Avoid a Car Accident with an Aggressive Driver

Every day, aggressive drivers take out their anger on unsuspecting drivers which can result in car accidents.  According to a report from the AAA Foundation, road rage resulted in more than 200 deaths and over 12,000 injuries during car accidents over a 6-year period.  Don’t become one of them! One way to avoid having a.

September 22

Retraining After a Florida Workers Comp Injury

Too many Florida workers are injured in a workers’ compensation injury that prevents them from returning to their line of work.  There is an opportunity–albeit a small opportunity–to get retrained in a different profession after reaching MMI from your workers’ comp injury. The Florida Department of Education oversees the retraining program.  The injured worker must.

September 19


A mother and two children were injured recently in a car accident near Westfield Commons Shopping Center.  Margarita Hall was broadsided by a 1998 Jeep Cherokee when she was turning to turn left off Main Street towards the Shopping Center.  The mother and her 13-year-old son suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  However, a 13-year twin sister was.

September 17


 Although it happened in Wisconsin, it can happen anywhere.  A truck driver fell asleep while driving his semitrailer and began to driver off the interstate’s shoulder.  When he swerved back onto the road, the semi-truck flipped.  Moments later, a bus carrying a high school back smashed into the overturned semitrailer, killing five people. All car.

September 16


I will be the first to tell you that I don’t agree with a lot of positions that Mercury Insurance Company take on my cases against them after my client is injured in a car accident caused by one of their insured.  However, I must admit that I agree with Mercury Insurance Group’s recently released tips.

September 15

Arrest Made in Fatal Crosstown Car Accident

The car “accident” that killed 24-year-old Jennifer O’Boyle and seriously injured her 4-year-old daughter has resulted in an arrest.  Cheryl Riemann was arrested and charged with multiple felonies including DUI manslaughter, vehicular homicide, DUI with serious bodily injury and reckless driving with serious bodily injury.  I put “accident” in quotes because I doubt that it.

September 15


You may have heard about the development of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) after a long airplane ride.  Sadly, it happens for many other reasons and many people are killed because of it.  A new surgeon general’s campaign starting today estimates that every year, between 350,000 and 600,000 Americans get a DVT and at least.

September 12


I drive it everyday and am amazed at some of the dare-deviling acts people do to make a left turn into a shopping center, car lot, or restaurant on U.S. Highway 19 in Clearwater.  Some barely avoid a car accident.  Other cause car accidents.  This will be coming to an end shortly. According to Bay.

September 11

Crosstown Car Accident Kills One and Injures Two

Jennifer O’Boyle most likely started yesterday as any other Wednesday.  Sadly, she was killed in a head-on car accident on Tampa’s Crosstown Expressway.  Her daughter, little 4-year-old Summer Moli was riding with Jennifer O’Boyle and was critically injured.  The car accident occurred because another driver was driving in the wrong direction on the lower deck.

September 10

Don’t Let Those 16-Year-Olds Drive!!

That’s what the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is saying.  There is little dispute that the number cause of death among teenagers is car accidents.  In a press release, the IIHS argues that raising the minimum driving age by even one year would save lives.  “Among US states, only New Jersey holds off licenses until.

September 9

Teenager’s Death Is a Reminder of Safety Around School Bus Stops

Sadly, this morning a 13-year girl was killed after being hit by a pickup truck while waiting for her school bus in Hernando County.  My heart goes out the family of this girl who most likely thought the “good-bye” as she left for the school bus would be the final good-bye. This tragedy is a.

September 8

You’re In a Car Accident … Now What?

Some of my clients have told me such things as “I wish I knew that BEFORE the car accident” or “I didn’t think of that.”  Although I hope you are never involved in a car accident, here are a few things you should do right after a car accident: 1.  Don’t Cause Another Accident.  If.

September 3

Drowsy Driver Are Dangerous Drivers

Death rates from car accidents at night are three times higher than the daytime rate.  This is partially because there are too drowsy drivers on the road.  The 2008 Sleep in America poll found that 64% of drivers who work more than 30 hours a week or have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in the past year. .

August 29

Florida Highway Patrol Out in Full Force This Labor Day Weekend

“Driving with a blood alcohol level concentration of .08 or higher is illegal in every state.  Yet we continue to see far too many people suffer debilitating injuries and loss of life as a result of impaired driving.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself, but these are words from the Florida Highway Patrol.  They.

August 28


Holiday weekends are fun, but they can be deadly.  Too many drivers get behind the wheel after a Labor Day barbecue and drive while intoxicated.  This substantially increases the risk of them causing or being involved in a serious car accident. AAA and Budweiser have partnered up again this holiday weekend to reduce car accident.

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