August 27

Avoid a Car Accident this Labor Day Weekend

Over 34 million Americans will be traveling a distance of at least 50 miles from home this Labor Day weekend.  Almost 2 million of these travelers will be Floridians.  The more travelers on the roads, the more likely there will be an increase in car accidents.  Thus, it is important that everyone drives safely.  Be.

August 26

Better Driving Habits Can Prevent Car Accidents

There are more than 6 million car accidents in the United States each year.  The costs of these car accidents have been estimated at more than $200 billion.  From these car accidents, approximately 3 million people have been injured and more than 42,000 people have been killed.  Many of the people who are injured in.

August 22

TMJ and TMDs After a Car Accident

 After your car accident, you feel pain in or around your ear.  Also, headaches and maybe even pain or tenderness in or around your jaw.  What is causing that pain?  It could be TMJ or a TMD. TMJ is an abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint–the joint that connects the lower jaw to the temporal area of.

August 21

Florida Highway Patrol Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

“Drunk Driving.  Over the Limit.  Under Arrest.” This is the slogan for the Florida Highway Patrol campaign to crackdown on impaired driving–a campaign that will continue through Labor Day. “Impaired driving is not an accident — it’s an epidemic of careless disregard for human life,” said Colonel John Czernis, director of the Florida Highway Patrol. .

August 20

Despite Decrease, Still Too Many Car Accident Deaths

Although the number of people who have died on the nation’s roads dropped from last year, over 41,000 people lost their life and their families suffered a horrible loss in 2007 because a car accident.  Another 2.49 million people were injured in automobile accidents in 2007 according to the latest report from the National Highway Safety.

August 19

Trigger Point Injections After a Car Accident or Work Comp Claim

Many of my clients are recommended for trigger point injections to address their continued pain after a car accident or workers’ compensation injury.  However, some are uncertain as to what trigger point injections really are. Trigger point injections are used to treat extremely painful areas of muscle.  Normal muscle contracts and relaxes when it is.

August 18

Get Back to School Without Car Accidents or Injuries

Whether or a parent jumping for joy or a kid moaning and groaning, there is no hiding the fact that school is back.  As schools across Florida get back into the swing of things, sidewalks, streets and parking lots will be areas to avoid car accidents, bike accidents or pedestrian injuries. Here are some safety.

August 15

Having to Pay for Medical Treatment After Florida Work Comp Claim

Many think that if you have a workers’ compensation claim in Florida, the injured worker does NOT have to pay for medical care.  That is not 100% correct. Under the Florida workers’ compensation law, if you have a work comp claim, the insurance carrier is required to provide medical care–medical care by a doctor of.

August 14

Avoid Accidents with Children Heading to School

For some parents, this day couldn’t come fast enough.  School is about to start.  With approximately 24 million children commuting to school on about 440,000 buses, many car accidents occur.  A majority of these car accidents occur while loading and unloading children. To reduce the risk of a car accident and injuries, the Florida Highway.

July 14

“Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need a Lawyer”

After a car accident, some insurance adjusters will say anything to get you to settle your claim as fast as possible. They know as soon as you sign the Release, the insurance company is no longer responsible for any payment to you–no matter what your doctor may later find out about your injuries. Unfortunately, the.

June 25

Patience is a Virtue — And It Can Prevent a Car Accident

Today, we have another guest columnst–Regina Absher. Regina has been a legal assistant with our law firm for approximately six years. She has seen countless of people and their families suffer because of someone’s negligence. Today, she gives us some insight from her viewpoint: In the rush of our busy lives, we often neglect to.

November 21

Thanksgiving is Deadliest Holiday to Travel

Be careful this Thanksgiving holiday on Florida roads. More than 500 people are expected to be killed and another 29,000 people hurt in automobile accidents this Thanksgiving weekend, says the National Safety Council. One of the reasons for the increased chances of an automobile accident is the fact that the night before Thanksgiving is one.

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