June 6

Recent Study Supports Chiropractic Care in Workers’ Compensation

My clients and I have been saying it for years, but workers’ compensation chooses to ignore it. Now, a recent study conducted by medical and healthcare professionals outside the chiropractic profession concludes chiropractic care to be more effective for common, work-related, low back pain, when compared to treatment by a physical therapist or physician. Overall,.

February 23

New Study Supports Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the fifth most common reason that people go to the doctor. Studies have suggested that half of working Americans suffer from back pain each year. According to a 2006 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, an estimated 25 percent of American adults reported that they suffered from back pain for.

July 13

Study Confirms that Chiropractic Care Provides Great Relief to Back Pain

I have known it for years, but a recent study confirms it–chiropractic care provides great benefit to back pain. Back pain in the second leading reason for ambulatory visits and one of the top reasons people are out of work. A recent study, “Perceived Benefit of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for Back Pain” printed.

January 15

Mayo Clinic Confirms Benefits fo Spinal Manipulation and Massage

After a car accident, workers’ compensation accident or other personal injury matter, many people have recommendations for spinal manipulation and massage. The January issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource discusses the uses and benefits of massage and spinal manipulation for reduction of pain and restoration of spinal movement. According to the article, massage can help.

October 3

Acknowledging Chiro Care During National Chiropractic Month

Whether it is from a car accident, workers comp claim or other event, chiropractic care provides significant relief to many people each year. As a personal injury attorney, I have seen the benefits of chiropractic care on my clients. In acknowledgment of their service to my clients, I want all to know that October is.

August 3

34 Billion Dollars Spent Yearly on Alternative Ways to Reduce Pain

An estimated $34 billion is spent on herbal supplements, chiropractic visits, meditation, and other forms of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) according to a recent report by the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). These numbers show that Americans spend almost a third as much money out-of pocket on herbal supplements and other alternative.