February 16

Safe Driving Apps That Could Save Lives

There are safe driving apps, but there are also apps that can encourage reckless driving in the quest to be cool on social media. Just check out this video on ABC Action News showing a reckless driver who was captured on the app SnapChat doing dough nuts in the middle of 66th Street North in.

January 26

Semitrailer Accident Kills One on I-275

A semitrailer accident in Tampa leaves one man dead and leaves us with unanswered questions.  According to TBO.com, a van was stopped in the center lane on Interstate 275 north of Bearss Avenue without any lights at about 11:45 p.m. last night. A semitrailer obviously could not see the van and rear-ended the stopped unlit.

October 20

If You Own a Toyota in Florida, Check for Recall of Airbags

Driving in Florida already puts you at risk for being involved in a car accident. However, being involved in an automobile in a particular vehicle now could put you or your loved ones at greater risk. This is because if your Toyota is exposed to consistently high humidity (what car isn’t in Florida), there is.

October 2

Did Comedian Tracey Morgan Cause His Own Injuries in the Car Accident?

Is comedian Tracey Morgan responsible for his injuries sustained in the car accident he was involved in on June 7, 2014? Wal-Mart thinks so. Morgan was severely injured in the car accident when a Wal-Mart truck crashed into his limo bus on the New Jersey Turnpike. Morgan broke a leg, his nose, and several ribs.

June 27

Four Kids Left Without Their Mothers After St. Petersburg Car Accident

The crash was not just another early morning St. Petersburg car accident. A family mourns as two are killed and their aunt battles to live while another family waits for their family member to turn themselves in after fleeing the police. According to WFLA.com, the horrific car accident occurred just before 3:00 a.m. Thursday on.

June 20

Check Out the Video of This Clearwater Motorcycle Accident

Belcher Road and Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard is one of the most dangerous intersections in Clearwater. Car accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and motorcycle crashes happen too often at this intersection. One of these motorcycle crashes was caught on video and you would not believe what happened to the motorcyclist. Tampa Bay Fox 13 showed the video.

June 10

Car Accidents Caused By Drowsy Drivers Are Widespread

Car accidents caused by drowsy driver is big in the news right now after it was revealed that the car crash that critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed fellow comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair was caused by a driver who had not slept in more than 24 hours. However, this is not a new.

May 14

Pregnant Drivers At Greater Risk of Car Accidents

Car accidents happen whether you are pregnant or not, but are pregnant woman more susceptible to car accidents? According to a recent study, the answer is yes. As published in USA TODAY, a study published in the in the Canadian Medical Association Journal concludes that pregnant women have an extra risk of being involved in.

May 5

Avoid los Accidentes de Tráfico this Cinco de Mayo

I am not 100% sure why Americans celebrate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla, but we do and call it Cinco de Mayo (since the battle was won on May 5, 1962). No. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day—that is celebrated on September 16. One thing.

March 26

Has Your Nissan or Infiniti Been Recalled?

In a car accident, air bags can play a role in reducing serious injuries. Unfortunately, a million of Nissan vehicles may have faulty air bags. Thus, according to USATAODAY.com, Nissan is recalling 1 million vehicles because the air bag system software might not be able to tell whether a person is sitting in the front.

March 13

Check Your Child’s Car Seat Before a Car Accident

A car accident can cause serious injury to children if they are not properly restrained. Unfortunately, over 400,000 more child seats have been added to last month’s recall of 3.8 million car seats by Graco Chidlren Products. However, some say even more child are at risk of injury from car accidents and their seats must.

March 3

St. Petersburg Car Accident Puts Three in Bayfront Medical Center

Despite trying to avoid a car accident, the driver of a Toyota Tacoma, Terry Wesley Gue, could not prevent a collision with a minivan that swerved into this lane. According to the Tampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg police say the driver of a Mercury minivan east near the 6800 block of Central Avenue on Sunday.

February 28

Woman Killed in Largo Car Accident

A well-traveled intersection in Largo –142nd Avenue North and 66th Street North – was the scene of a fatal car accident last night. According to TBO.com, a woman was the passenger in a 1998 Mazda heading east on 142nd Avenue, The driver made a left turn at 66th Street in front of a 2003 Ford.

February 11

Car Accident Shuts Down Southbound U.S. 19 in Pinellas Park

Anyone who has been in Clearwater for a number of years can remember the bumper stickers that read “Pray For Me. I Drive on U.S. 19.” Well, this morning provided further support for the meaning behind that bumper sticker. According to , all southbound lanes on U.S. 19 were closed this morning at its intersection.

January 28

Head-On Car Accident Kills One in Tampa and Severely Injures Another

A car accident can take a life in a blink of an eye. This morning, a 28-year-old Tampa man was killed after his sport utility vehicle crossed over a median on Gunn Highway and hit a pickup truck head-on, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The pickup truck’s driver, Wilmer Hart, sustained serious injuries in.

January 24

Which Car is Best and Worst To Be In During a Car Accident?

Which car you are in during a car accident will make an impact of the injuries sustained in the automobile accident. According to new testing, you don’t want to be involved in a car accident in almost all minicars. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently announced the results of its new crash test for.

December 27

How Many Passengers Do Drunk Drivers Kill in Car Accidents?

Yesterday, a car accident took the life of the grandson of a well-known football coach as he was a passenger while a friend drove. According to the Tampa Bay Times, alcohol was a factor in this car accident fatality. Drunk drivers do not only kill themselves in car accidents—their driving kills others. The National Highway.

December 13

Car Accident KIlls Tarpon Springs Man

22-year-old Joshua Saunders from Tarpon Springs was killed early Thursday after a car accident with a fully loaded dump truck on U.S. 19. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the crash occurred just after 2 a.m. on U.S. 19 north of Klosterman Road. Joshua Saunders, was headed north on U.S. 19 when he hit the.

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