February 6

Should Texting and Driving Be Outlawed In Florida?

Distracted driving causes many Florida car accidents. Texting while driving is one way drivers can be distracted resulting in crashes. The Florida Legislature is again addressing whether there should be a ban on texting and driving in Florida. If AARP was the Florida Legislature, there would be a ban. That’s because 93 percent of AARP.

July 13

What Causes 25% of Car Accidents?

We have all seen it–drivers using their cell phones or texting while driving. According to a recent study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, these types of distractions are associated with up to 25 percent of U.S. car crashes. The study showed that drivers are distracted up to half the time. While using the cell.

October 18

Focusing on Teen Car Accidents This Week

Teen car accidents are important every week, but during National Teen Driver Safety Week which started yesterday, their theme of ‘Keep Your Hands on the Wheel; Your Eyes on the Road; and Your Thumbs Off Your Phone’s Keypad’ is even more important. According to the U. S Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),.

September 28

Tampa Bay Father Tells Congress About Daughter’s Death from Distracted Driving

An estimated 11 teenagers a day die in car accidents involving texting while driving or other distractions. A Tampa Bay father knows too well the dangers of teenage drivers’ distraction and will be addressing Congress about the Stand-Up Act. In 2002, Jim Portell of Davenport lost his 15-year-old daughter Jamie in a crash. Jamie’s 16-year-old.

April 21

We The Kings Helping Fight Against Texting & Driving

The Florida Legislature has a bill heading to the Senate floor making it a traffic offense to text message while driving. If the bill banning texting while driving passes the Florida legislature, and you’re caught texting and driving, you’re going to get a ticket. One band, Bradenton’s We The Kings is also trying to stop.

January 13

FocusDriven Can Save Your Life

FocusDriven-remember that name because you should start hearing more about them. Yesterday, the United States Transportation Secretary and the president of the National Safety Council announced the creation of FocusDriven, the first nonprofit organization devoted to combating distracted driving and supporting victims of distracted drivers. In 2008, 5,870 people were killed in police-reported car crashes,.

June 22

Make the Best of Distracted Driving Awareness Week

Stay Alert, Stay Focused, Stay Alive …. Just Drive! That is the theme of this week’s Distracted Driving Awareness Week. No one climbs in their car and thinks, today is a good day to have a car accident and kill myself or someone else, but many persons and families are forever changed because of car.

March 13

Apparently, Cops Are Just As Bad

Cell phones, text-messaging, and now laptops. Being distracted by these items while driving will likely cause a car accidents. Just ask the Jacksonville police officer that ran into a stopped truck moments after reading her laptop in her cruiser. A Florida Highway Patrol spokesman says 29-year-old Officer Amanda Meyer struck the truck last Monday morning.