August 14

Lane Change Causes Serious Car Crash on I-75

A serious car accident resulted in a major backup on northbound I-75 this morning. According to Fox 13, Alegandro Pineda was airlifted after being seriously injured in this crash. The Florida Highway Patrol reports that another car was trying to change lanes when he hit the rear of the Chevy Cavalier occupied by Alejandro Pineda..

April 17

Drivers Like This Guy Require You to Have Uninsured Motorst Coverage

Even if you drive safely, car accidents and injuries from car accidents are sometimes caused by people who shouldn’t be on the road (and likely to have no insurance). According to , an unlicensed driver was arrested this morning after nearly crashing into a building, hitting a taxi cab and hitting an innocent bystander in.

July 29

Worker Traps Arm in Dough Machine

A worker at St. Petersburg’s Euro-Bake was seriously injured in a workers’ compensation accident getting his arm trapped in a large piece of baking equipment known as a “dough chunker.&quot.Firefighters shut down power to the building and dismantled the machine while paramedics gave the injured man pain medication intravenously. It took nearly 40 minutes to.

April 15

New Technology To Bust Tailgaters Causing Rear-End Crashes

Tailgating can be dangerous. No, I’m not talking about hanging out in the parking lot before the Bucs or Tampa Bay Rays game, I’m talking about what too many people do on the Florida roads every day. Tailgating can cause car accidents. State law allows police to ticket drivers who are two seconds or less.

September 19


A mother and two children were injured recently in a car accident near Westfield Commons Shopping Center.  Margarita Hall was broadsided by a 1998 Jeep Cherokee when she was turning to turn left off Main Street towards the Shopping Center.  The mother and her 13-year-old son suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  However, a 13-year twin sister was.

August 22

TMJ and TMDs After a Car Accident

 After your car accident, you feel pain in or around your ear.  Also, headaches and maybe even pain or tenderness in or around your jaw.  What is causing that pain?  It could be TMJ or a TMD. TMJ is an abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint–the joint that connects the lower jaw to the temporal area of.

August 20

Despite Decrease, Still Too Many Car Accident Deaths

Although the number of people who have died on the nation’s roads dropped from last year, over 41,000 people lost their life and their families suffered a horrible loss in 2007 because a car accident.  Another 2.49 million people were injured in automobile accidents in 2007 according to the latest report from the National Highway Safety.

August 18

Get Back to School Without Car Accidents or Injuries

Whether or a parent jumping for joy or a kid moaning and groaning, there is no hiding the fact that school is back.  As schools across Florida get back into the swing of things, sidewalks, streets and parking lots will be areas to avoid car accidents, bike accidents or pedestrian injuries. Here are some safety.

August 14

Avoid Accidents with Children Heading to School

For some parents, this day couldn’t come fast enough.  School is about to start.  With approximately 24 million children commuting to school on about 440,000 buses, many car accidents occur.  A majority of these car accidents occur while loading and unloading children. To reduce the risk of a car accident and injuries, the Florida Highway.

June 25

Patience is a Virtue — And It Can Prevent a Car Accident

Today, we have another guest columnst–Regina Absher. Regina has been a legal assistant with our law firm for approximately six years. She has seen countless of people and their families suffer because of someone’s negligence. Today, she gives us some insight from her viewpoint: In the rush of our busy lives, we often neglect to.

June 10


73% of drivers use their cell phones while driving despite studies showing how their use can result in car accidents. Now there is new research from the University of South Carolina. The recent USC study documents why cell phone use interferes with driving. The research concluded that planning to speak and speaking put far more.

May 29

10 Years in Prison for Work Comp Fraud

Florida’s Attorney General announced that a Charlotte Court man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was convicted of defrauding the Florida Workers’ Compensation program. This stems from an inured worker who filed a workers’ compensation claim claiming he was permanently and totally disabled as a result of a work comp injury..