January 29

Whiplash After A Car Accident

Whiplash is so commonly used after a car accident. Unfortunately, it is sometimes used to minimize the injuries after a car accident – “You just have whiplash.” Knowledge is power so let’s look into what whiplash really is. According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of.

April 4

New Statistics on Trends for Car Accidents and Work Injuries Released

Injuries and car accident and work comp accident happen every day. The National Safety Council recently released it latest Injury Facts that shed light on these types of accidents. Some of the interesting statistics in the National Safety Council’s 2014 edition of Injury Facts are as follows: 1. July was the worst month in 2012.

August 17

Even Funny Actresses Get Severely Injured in Car Acccidents

Car accidents can happen to anyone. Just because you are a Emmy-nominated actress in one of the best comedy series of TV doesn’t shield you from being injured in an automobile accident. Actress Mayim Bialik (“Blossom” to us older folks and Amy Farrah Fowler in “The Big Band Theory”) was recently hospitalized after sustaining injuries.

February 9

Watch Out for the Unsafe Rides at the Florida State Fair

The Florida State Fair starts today! Enjoy the rides, but be informed. Not all rides are the safest. Check out the Amusement Safety Organization website as well as RideAccidents.com before getting on any of the amusement park rides. Unfortunately, many people are injured due to the negligence of the owners and operators of these rides..

August 18

Laptopitis–Don’t Catch This “Disease”

With school starting, Facebook mania increasing, and laptop sales soaring, a new “disease” is becoming commonplace–“laptopitis.” However, there are ways to prevent this condition. According to an article in MedicalNewsToday.com, using a laptop almost inevitably leads to poor posture. Incorrect posture and computer overuse can cause debilitating physical problems, such as sore muscles or repetitive.

April 12

New Survey is Concerning As Prom Season Approaches

Prom season is upon us. This raises concern for teenage car accidents and other injuries. A new survey indicates that we have much to be concerned about. As reported in USA Today, according to a national survey of more than 2,500 11th and 12th graders, 90% of teens believe other teenagers are more likely to.

November 13

New Study Shows Additional Risks of Text-Messaging

We know text messaging while driving can cause deadly car accidents, but can text-messaging at other times also result in serious injuries? According to a new study highlighted at MedicineNet.com, too much text messaging may increase the risk of neck or shoulder pain. Judith Gold, ScD, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Temple University’s College.

July 15

You Need “Stacked” Insurance Coverage

It is horrible to talk with a client or a client’s family about serious injuries or death from a car accident caused by someone who failed to carry liability insurance. It is even worse to talk to them if the client and/or the family failed to buy adequate protection in the form of stacked uninsured motorist.

July 14

“Don’t Worry, You Don’t Need a Lawyer”

After a car accident, some insurance adjusters will say anything to get you to settle your claim as fast as possible. They know as soon as you sign the Release, the insurance company is no longer responsible for any payment to you–no matter what your doctor may later find out about your injuries. Unfortunately, the.

July 10

Which is the Worst Insurance Company?

Allstate Insurance Companies ranks as the worst insurance company for consumers according to a new report released by the American Association for Justice. The American Association of Justice performed a comprehensive investigation of thousands of legal document and financial filings and found a pattern of insurance industry greed amongst 10 companies that refuse to pay.

July 1

Before You Let Off Fireworks At Your House . . .

What happens if someone is injured at your house while fireworks are going off? No worry, you have homeowner’s insurance? Think again!! Your homeowner’s insurance policy may NOT cover injuries from fireworks. Since Florida law prohibits fireworks from being sold to general consumers, someone who let fireworks off in their backyard is technically breaking the.

June 3

Too Many Local Motorcycle Accidents and Deaths

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents can be tragic. Sadly, there seems to be more local deaths from motorcycle accidents lately. This Sunday, my sister-in-law was talking about how her friend’s son died when he was struck while driving a motorcycle. Another Clearwater man died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday while riding north of Brooksville..

June 2


Now that school is just about out for most, it is important that everyone refresh themselves on summer safety tips. Too many children (and adults) get seriously injured or die because of the negligence of another person. Taking just a few safety steps can avoid injuries and lawsuits. This article will focus on boating safety.