August 21

Student Killed After Being Hit By Car While Walking To School

An Auburndale 17-year-old student was killed this morning as he walked to school after being hit by a minivan. According to Fox 13 News, Enrique Hernandez was walking northbound in the northbound lane of Old Dixie Highway near US Highway 92 W when he was struck by a Dodge Caravan that was driving in the.

January 7

The 14 Most Important Days After a Florida Car Accident

Your car accident insurance has changed and they don’t have to tell you! As of last week, if you or a loved one is involved in an automobile accident, you must seek medical treatment within fourteen (14) days or you get NONE of the car accident insurance you paid for. Florida’s No-Fault law‘s changes became.

October 19

Phone Apps that Prevent Text Messaging While Driving

Preventing teenagers (and other drivers) from texting while driving. As part of our focus on Teen Driver Safety Week, let’s look at some apps that can block text messaging while driving. One of applications that can prevent car accidents caused by text messaging is the SMSReplier app. When you are driving above 15 miles an.

July 13

Study Confirms that Chiropractic Care Provides Great Relief to Back Pain

I have known it for years, but a recent study confirms it–chiropractic care provides great benefit to back pain. Back pain in the second leading reason for ambulatory visits and one of the top reasons people are out of work. A recent study, “Perceived Benefit of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) for Back Pain” printed.

July 12

How Many DUIs During 4th of July Holiday?

The Florida Highway Patrol released its numbers from the July 2nd to July 5th holiday. According to its news release, the Florida Highway Patrol issued more than 9,000 traffic citations and assisted nearly 3,000 motorists on Florida’s roadways during the Fourth of July weekend. Troopers made 100 arrests for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of.

July 1

Breakthrough in Treatment for Herniated Disc

Low back pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care, and both degenerative and herniated discs – also referred to as slipped discs or ruptured discs – are common causes of that pain. Herniated discs occur when the tough outer layer of cartilage cracks, allowing pieces of the softer inner material.

April 27

Motorcycle Crash Kills Two Young Men in Ruskin

The families of a 22-year-old and 18-year-oldare mourning the death of their loved ones who were killed in a motorcycle crash last night. According to, the motorcycle driver and his passenger were driving a Suzuki motorcycle eastbound along College Avenue in Ruskin when a Jeep Cherokee turned left off of Eighth Street into the.

April 23

Palm Harbor Car Accident Puts Two in Hospital

A driver wanting to turn left puts Fabian Calvo in the hospital with serious injuries from a car accident yesterday in Palm Harbor. Curt L. Ekberg was northbound on County Road 611 when he attempted a left turn onto Tarpon Lake Boulevard. Fabian Calvo was driving southbound on County Road 611 when Ekberg turned in.

April 15

New Technology To Bust Tailgaters Causing Rear-End Crashes

Tailgating can be dangerous. No, I’m not talking about hanging out in the parking lot before the Bucs or Tampa Bay Rays game, I’m talking about what too many people do on the Florida roads every day. Tailgating can cause car accidents. State law allows police to ticket drivers who are two seconds or less.

April 12

New Survey is Concerning As Prom Season Approaches

Prom season is upon us. This raises concern for teenage car accidents and other injuries. A new survey indicates that we have much to be concerned about. As reported in USA Today, according to a national survey of more than 2,500 11th and 12th graders, 90% of teens believe other teenagers are more likely to.

March 31

FREE Program to Avoid Teenage Car Accidents

Car accidents are the number one killer of teenagers. The Hernando County Sheriff’s office is trying to prevent teen car accident by holding free teen driver challenge defensive driving and vehicle control program in April. The two-day program is designed to provide young drivers with knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics and human kinetics. The.

March 18

Hit & Run Motorcycle Crash in the Middle of Rush Hour

Another hit-and-run accident that put two people in the hospital and this one happened in the middle of rush hour traffic! Kelly Lichtenberg and her husband, James Lichtenberg, were enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day ride on their motorcycle when a maroon pickup truck collided with the back of the bike. James Lichtenberg lost control of.

March 17

Using an Automobile’s Black Box After a Serious Car Accident

We’ve heard about finding the “black box” when there is an airplane crash, but can a “black box” be the answers to questions after a car accident? The answer may surprise you. Believe it or not, about 60 percent of vehicles contain “event data recorders,” or EDRs, which work more or less like black boxes.

March 16

Four Motorcyclists Killed in One Car Accident

A Saturday motorcycle ride with friends ends with four being killed in a car accident. Killed in the motorcycle crash were William Barker of Stuart and his passenger, Patrice Poole of Mount Dora and John Holmes of Beverly Hills, Florida and his passenger, Patricia Beihayn of Hernando, Florida. According to the Highway Patrol, a driver.

July 29

Cars That Don’t Crash — Is that Possible?

Volvo thinks so! Volvo is launching an ambitious project to stop its cars from being involved in any car accidents by 2010. The Swedish company says it is developing hi-tech solutions from a “collision-free future.” The new technology uses sensors and communication devices to provide cars and their drivers with added features to prevent car.