March 21

Tips for a Safer Spring Break

Spring Break in Clearwater and Tampa Bay! Who wouldn’t want to come to our beautiful area for some rest and warm weather (well, not today!)? It is a wonderful place for spring break as proven by Florida being is one of the top Spring Break destinations in the country for high school and college-aged students..

February 29

Another Avoidable St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident

A motorcycle ride on another beautiful Sunday in St. Petersburg results in serious life-threatening injuries to a motorcyclist after he was struck by a car. According to, the St. Petersburg motorcycle accident occurred at the intersection of First Avenue North and U.S. 19. The motorcyclist was struck by a car turning left from U.S..

February 18

13-Year-Old Driving Stolen Van – Think There’s Coverage?

Yet another reason to check your car insurance policy to make you have uninsured motorist coverage. Bay News 9 reports that at around 11 p.m. Wednesday a Pinellas Park Police officer noticed a tan-colored Honda Odyssey van driving recklessly on 82nd Avenue in the 6300 block. While trying to catch up to the van, the.

February 16

Safe Driving Apps That Could Save Lives

There are safe driving apps, but there are also apps that can encourage reckless driving in the quest to be cool on social media. Just check out this video on ABC Action News showing a reckless driver who was captured on the app SnapChat doing dough nuts in the middle of 66th Street North in.

February 11

What You Need to Report to Social Security

Fighting for Social Security Disability benefits can be a battle. Even after you win the battle and receive SSD benefits, your job is not done. A Social Security Disability recipient is still required to keep Social Security updated on things that may affect their entitlement to Social Security Disability benefits. Here are just a few.

January 28

Decreasing The Wait For A Social Security Disability Hearing

Right now, the national hearing processing time for a Social Security disability hearing is 505 days (almost 17 months). This means those needing social security disability benefits to survive must wait an average of 17 months before a decision on their application to be made. This can quite stressful on the applicant and his or.

January 26

Semitrailer Accident Kills One on I-275

A semitrailer accident in Tampa leaves one man dead and leaves us with unanswered questions.  According to, a van was stopped in the center lane on Interstate 275 north of Bearss Avenue without any lights at about 11:45 p.m. last night. A semitrailer obviously could not see the van and rear-ended the stopped unlit.

January 13

What Could Become Florida Law This Legislative Session?

Florida law will be the talk for the next sixty days as the Florida Legislature is back in session. Right now, there are about 1600 bills filed that could become new Florida law by March 2016. However, because it is a major election year, don’t expect anything really shocking to happen during this session. There.

June 8

Helpful Driving Reminders for the Summer

It is finally here – Summer! Sleeping in late, family picnics and vacation! This all sounds great, but it is important to remember a few things about driving this summer so you or a family member is not involved in a serious car accident or left without insurance to pay for your medical bills and.

May 6

What Does Rays Pitcher Alex Cobb Have In Common With Car Accident Victims?

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher (and all-around good guy) Alex Cobb was recently diagnosed with a partially torn ligament in his elbow. Although he likely sustained this elbow injury by pitching 95 mile an hour fastballs, it is not uncommon for elbow injuries to occur after car accidents or workers’ compensation injuries. Three types of.

April 27

Going to Mediation After a Car Accident or Work Comp Claim?

A mediation conference is something that many of my personal injury and workers’ compensation clients will experience in their case. Often times, a person involved in a car accident or work accident has not been involved in a mediation and is uncertain as to what will happen. This article will discuss what mediations are and.

April 17

Do You Drive More Than the Average Driver?

As a personal injury attorney, I know there are a lot of bad drivers on the road causing car accidents. Each minute on the road makes you a target for a car accident. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety recently released a survey detailing how often Americans are targets of car accidents. Some of the.

April 2

Spring Break Is Not Over for All So Stay Alert for Car Accidents

Although many are wrapping up their Spring Break, a few of us are just starting ours. This means that you must stay vigilant on the roads to avoid being involved in a car accident during Spring Break. According to TIME, spring break results in a sharp jump in traffic accident fatalities. Citing an study published.

March 27

A Creative Way To Gather Evidence of a Bicycle Accident

After a car accident or bicycle accident, there is often a dispute about who caused the crash. Many bicyclist and motorcyclists are now taking steps to reduce the argument by mounting cameras on the front and rear of their bicycles to capture video of road rage drivers as evidence for police. In a recent Bay.

March 17

What Happens Every 46 Minutes on St. Patrick’s Day?

According to U.S. News & World Report, 37 million Americans will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at a bar or restaurant and 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed worldwide on St. Patrick’s Day.  Unfortunately, this means more drunk driving accidents. Enjoy your green beer and corned beef and cabbage, but watch out for those.

March 10

Is It Hard to Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

It is hard to get Social Security Disability benefits despite the attack in Monday’s Wall Street Journal. An opinion piece wrote “a system designed to serve society’s vulnerable has morphed into a benefit bonanza that costs taxpayers billions of dollars more than it should.” The author couldn’t be more wrong and the Los Angeles Times tells.

February 13

How St. Valentine’s Day Plays Into Car Accident Law

How can a personal injury attorney incorporate St. Valentine’s Day into a discussion about injuries from a car accident? Car accident law permeates almost any holiday. Car accident law and St. Valentine’s Day are tied by a discussion of the damages for loss of consortium. When a spouse is injured in a car accident or other personal.

February 5

Will a Proposed Law Change Reduce Chances Of A Boating Accident?

Wonderful Florida weather brings wonderful Florida boating opportunities. However, with wonderful boating opportunities comes the risk of a serious and sometimes fatal boating accident or crash. Last year alone, there were approximately seventy (70) reported boating accidents in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties alone. Eight of those boating accidents caused a person to be killed. One.

January 28

Are Your Facebook Photos Private After a Car Accident or Slip and Fall?

Does being involved in a car accident or slip and fall accident give the insurance companies the right to see your private Facebook posting and photographs? One Florida court says yes. In Nucci v. Target Corp., the Fourth District Court of Appeals ruled that Facebook photographs sought by the defense attorney were reasonably calculated to.

January 26

What Can They Get From Your Smartphone After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, an attorney may ask for the at-fault driver’s cellphone records to see if the driver was on the cellphone at the time of the car accident. However, an attorney should attempt to get more information than just whether the person was on the telephone at the time of the crash. Nowadays,.

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