August 21

Florida Highway Patrol Cracking Down on Drunk Driving

“Drunk Driving.  Over the Limit.  Under Arrest.” This is the slogan for the Florida Highway Patrol campaign to crackdown on impaired driving–a campaign that will continue through Labor Day. “Impaired driving is not an accident — it’s an epidemic of careless disregard for human life,” said Colonel John Czernis, director of the Florida Highway Patrol. .

August 20

Despite Decrease, Still Too Many Car Accident Deaths

Although the number of people who have died on the nation’s roads dropped from last year, over 41,000 people lost their life and their families suffered a horrible loss in 2007 because a car accident.  Another 2.49 million people were injured in automobile accidents in 2007 according to the latest report from the National Highway Safety.

August 19

Trigger Point Injections After a Car Accident or Work Comp Claim

Many of my clients are recommended for trigger point injections to address their continued pain after a car accident or workers’ compensation injury.  However, some are uncertain as to what trigger point injections really are. Trigger point injections are used to treat extremely painful areas of muscle.  Normal muscle contracts and relaxes when it is.

August 15

Having to Pay for Medical Treatment After Florida Work Comp Claim

Many think that if you have a workers’ compensation claim in Florida, the injured worker does NOT have to pay for medical care.  That is not 100% correct. Under the Florida workers’ compensation law, if you have a work comp claim, the insurance carrier is required to provide medical care–medical care by a doctor of.

August 14

Avoid Accidents with Children Heading to School

For some parents, this day couldn’t come fast enough.  School is about to start.  With approximately 24 million children commuting to school on about 440,000 buses, many car accidents occur.  A majority of these car accidents occur while loading and unloading children. To reduce the risk of a car accident and injuries, the Florida Highway.

August 12

Five Things To Know About Men and Car Accidents

Car accidents happen to everyone no matter the sex or age of the person.  However, there are some important things to know when it comes to car accidents and men.  Here are a few of them: For all except the oldest men, car accidents are the leading cause of accidental deaths.  Falls overtake automobile accidents.

August 11

Spinal Cord Stimulators After a Car Accident or Work Comp Claim

More and more patients who injure their back in a car accident or work injury are being consulted on the benefits of a spinal cord stimulator to ease the pain caused by their accident.  But what is it and who qualifies for this procedure? Spinal cord stimulators use electrical impulses to block pain from being.

August 8

Should You Settle or Go to Court?

You have a settlement offer on the table after a car accident.  Should you take it or (in recognition of one of my favorite game shows)press your luck?  According to an article in the New York Times, you should (in recognition of another game show) hit the bottom and say “Deal!“. The article relies on.

August 7

So You Want a Second Opinion in Your Florida Work Comp Case?

Many Florida injured workers are unhappy with the “medical care” they receive from the doctor the workers’ compensation carrier sent them to after filing a work comp claim.  Some are dissatisfied because they never get to see a doctor–only the doctor’s assistants.  Some are unhappy because the work comp doctor does not listen to their.

August 5

Saving Gas By Driving a Scooter, but is it Safe?

I saw an elderly lady riding a scooter the other day. It scared me to death. She was barely able to control it as the front wheel moved to and fro as she drove. Sure, she was saving gas, but at the risk of a serious car accident!! More and more Floridians are giving up.

June 23

What’s Your Sign? It May Mean A Car Accident.

Not that I am a believer in astrology–being a Cancer in all, but I thought some would be interested in a study performed by an Australian firm who ranked car accident claimants by astrological sign in a study of 160,000 car accident claims over three years. Here is what they found: The number one worst.

June 19

Driving While Drowsy–A Growing Cause of Car Accidents

After going to the Cubs v. Rays games the last two nights, I thought it was only fitting to write about the effects of sleepiness on a person’s driving. The statistics are frightening. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are about 56,000 car accidents annually caused by the driver’s drowsiness/fatigue. As a.

June 6

Cause of Car Accident that Killed 5 Young Men Determined

You should remember the horrific photograph of the smashed BMW after going airborne and crashing into a tree as 5 young Florida boys raced at speeds up to 133 mph down an airstrip’s runway in January. After 4 months of investigation, the cause of the crash is revealed. There was NO alcohol in the driver’s.

June 3

Too Many Local Motorcycle Accidents and Deaths

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents can be tragic. Sadly, there seems to be more local deaths from motorcycle accidents lately. This Sunday, my sister-in-law was talking about how her friend’s son died when he was struck while driving a motorcycle. Another Clearwater man died in a motorcycle accident on Sunday while riding north of Brooksville..

November 21

Thanksgiving is Deadliest Holiday to Travel

Be careful this Thanksgiving holiday on Florida roads. More than 500 people are expected to be killed and another 29,000 people hurt in automobile accidents this Thanksgiving weekend, says the National Safety Council. One of the reasons for the increased chances of an automobile accident is the fact that the night before Thanksgiving is one.

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