October 31


The number of motor vehicle deaths on Halloween rises an average of 30% to 151 deaths when October 31st falls on a Friday as compared to when Halloween falls on Monday through Thursday. This may happen because two out of three adults ages 18 to 24 plan to throw or attend a Halloween party this.

October 30

AAA Takes the Right Out of Driving Home Halloween Night

AAA Auto Club South and Budweiser will protect drivers on Halloween weekend through their ‘Tow to Go’ program. This program provides a FREE confidential ride home and car tow. Anyone who may thing they have had too much too drink can simply call 1-800-AAA-HELP from October 31 through November 2 to get a FREE safe.

October 29


With witches, goblins and super-heroes invading our neighborhood streets this Friday, it is important that each of us take steps to prevent a tragic car accident this Halloween. With Halloween falling on a Friday night, more motorists are expected to be going or coming from Halloween parties at the same time treat-or-treaters take to the.

October 28

Drunk Driver Injures Two in Pasco County Car Accident

Joshua Vitori and Joseph Pascali were victims of a drunk driver early today. Christopher John Sutherlin was speeding and apparently driving drunk when he slammed into the rear of Mr. Vitori’s pick-up truck on U.S. 19 in New Port Richey. Then, the drunk driver sped away from the accident and later arrested. As a result,.

October 27

Man Killed From Hit & Run

It is unbelievable how someone can hit a person with their car, stop, and then drive off. Sadly, that happened in St. Petersburg on Saturday night resulting in a man being killed. Roy Solomon was trying to cross Martin Luther King Jr. Street near 22nd Avenue South when someone driving a 1999 Mercedes-Benz SUV slammed.

October 24


Until yesterday, the workers compensation insurance carriers in Florida could pay tens of thousands of dollars to their attorneys to fight an issue with an injured worker. However, Florida law held that the injured worker’s attorney could only earn $1,500.00 if they wanted to fight an issue for their client. The Florida Supreme Court has.

October 23

Four Injured in Dunedin Car Accident Reminds Us About UM Coverage

Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverage is SO important because one accident can cause so many people to get hurt. A perfect example of this is when 4 people were hurt, two seriously, when a car going south on Belcher Road veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into a tree on the westbound shoulder. As a.

October 20

Another Death and More Injured Because of DUI Car Accident

Justin Jones was driving last night with five passengers in his car as he approached the intersection of Hillsborough and Himes avenues. Now, one is dead and 5 people are injured because Justin Jones ran a red light and hit a tractor trailer. According to Bay News 9, police said Jones was under the influence.

October 16

Fractured Pelvis After a Car Accident or Work Injury

Nancy Reagan is presently hospitalized for a fractured pelvis from a fall at home. However, a fractured pelvis can easily occur from a car accident or work injury. I know, I fractured my pelvis in my car accident when I was 16 years old. Pelvis fractures can occur with sudden muscle contractions. Often times, a.

October 14

“But I Don’t Want to Sue My Employer.”

These words I hear all the time when I am talking to client about their Florida workers’ compensation claim. The answer is that in 99% of the cases, you cannot sue your employer after a workers’ comp injury even if you wanted to. Under Florida workers’ compensation law, the employer is given immunity from being.

October 13

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

The weather is getting nicer and Halloween is coming so it is important that we brush up on the safety tips for those that walk. Statistically, young children and the elderly are more likely than others to be killed or injured in an pedestrian accident. The best way to avoid accidents is to be prepared.

October 9

Stats Every Florida Driver Should Know … .

The numbers are scary!! Did you know that … Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville are the deadliest big cities in the United States for 16-19 year olds to drive in. 37,000 teen drivers in Florida were involved in car accidents in 2006. More than 400 people were killed in a car accident with a teen driver.

October 8

The Hell of Florida’s Workers’ Compensation System

Everything is a battle. That is the way it now is in Florida’s Workers’ Compensation system. The system is supposed to be self-executing and an injured worker is not supposed to need an attorney to obtain the few workers’ comp benefits outlined in the statute. Sadly, that is not the case. Now, people have to.

October 7

New Website for Teen Drivers

Every 55 seconds a teenager is injured in a car accident. Every 6.5 minutes a teenager is killed in a car accident. Many of these car accidents could be prevented and lives could be saved if teenagers were more knowledgeable about the risks of driving. The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles have.

October 6

Pedestrian Hit and Killed in Car Accident

A person was just trying to get some protection from yesterday’s Florida rain under a PSTA bus shelter when the person was hit and killed by a hydroplaning car, Clearwater police say. According to the Clearwater police, a Tarpon Springs woman, Katerina Wyakimovich, was headed east on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard approaching Park Place Boulevard (near Clearwater.

October 3

Persons With ADD are More Dangerous on the Road

Teenagers with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD are four times more likely to speed and 2 to 3 times more likely to be involved in a car accident, according to the author of “Teenagers with ADD and ADHD.” She continues be opining that these teens are likely to be inattentive, impulsive and easily distracted. The.

October 2

Tampa Bay Rays and Personal Injury Law–How Do They Relate?

As I sit typing this blog with my Rays jersey on and Division Champion hat proudly worn getting ready to go to the Tampa Bay Rays’ first ever playoff game, I pounder how I can relate them to my personal injury practice.  It’s easy. Today’s first playoff game is like the first day at trial.  Like a person injured.

October 1

The Simplest Thing Can Cause a Serious Car Accident

Erik Anderson was just trying to reach for his sunglasses yesterday.  He ended up being helicoptered to Tampa General Hospital after losing control and crashing his SUV.  According to Tampabay10.com, Mr. Anderson suffered serious injuries when his SUV left northbound Interstate 75 and drove into the center median, struck a guardrail, spun around and rolled.

September 30

Fines Going Up for Speeders and Motorcycle Stunts in Florida

Anyone going 50 miles an hour over the speed limit should get really hard with a fine.  Too many car accidents occur because of speeding and other aggressive driving.  Also, motorcyclists who do stunts on the busy roads of Florida should also be penalized.  They are not only putting themselves at risk, they are putting.

September 29

Another Motorcyclist Seriously Injured After Car Accident

On Sunday afternoon, the sky had a helicopter in it that all would rather have stayed grounded.  The Bayflite helicopter was air-lifting a motorcycle driver, John Daniel Shuman, to Bayfront Medical Center with injured that appear to be life-threatening. John Daniel Shuman was seriously injured after his motorcycle crashed into the back of a vehicle driven.

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