March 21

New Social Security Disability Policy Interpretation Ruling on Drug Addiction and Alcoholism

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits have been difficult to obtain if the Claimant was battling a drug or alcohol addiction. As of March 22, 2013, Social Security Disability judges have a clarified “drug addiction and alcohol” (DAA) Social Security ruling to follow. The new Social Security Ruling (SSR) states that the key factor judges should.

April 18

Workers Compensation Appeal Won by Attorneys Lorrie Robinson and Matthew Noyes

Recently, Florida’s First District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Attorneys Lorrie Robinson and Matthew Noyes in a workers’ compensation case. . The issue pertained to an advance in a Florida workers’ compensation claim. The Florida Workers’ Compensation Act permits advances of payment of compensation. Under Florida Statute 440.20(12)(c), a work comp claimant may.