March 21

Tips for a Safer Spring Break

Spring Break in Clearwater and Tampa Bay! Who wouldn’t want to come to our beautiful area for some rest and warm weather (well, not today!)? It is a wonderful place for spring break as proven by Florida being is one of the top Spring Break destinations in the country for high school and college-aged students..

April 2

Spring Break Is Not Over for All So Stay Alert for Car Accidents

Although many are wrapping up their Spring Break, a few of us are just starting ours. This means that you must stay vigilant on the roads to avoid being involved in a car accident during Spring Break. According to TIME, spring break results in a sharp jump in traffic accident fatalities. Citing an study published.

March 13

Preventing Car Accidents This Spring Break

Spring break in Florida – a lot of fun, but a lot of danger. Many car accidents and pedestrian accidents occur during Spring Break because of the drivers’ unfamiliarity of Florida’s road and concentration on other things besides safe driving. Unfortunately, many automobile accident injuries are also caused by drinking and driving while on Spring.

March 27

Avoiding Accidents This Spring Break

The beach, the friends, March Madness, Spring Training baseball–these are all fun things about Spring Break. The car accidents, drinking and driving, unfamiliar drivers–these are some of the bad things about Spring Break. Enjoy the good things about this Spring Break and avoid and prevent the bad things that can forever tarnish Spring Break. Spring.

March 22

Ambulance Company Hits Record Number of Calls Last Week

With Spring Breaker blanketing our beaches, a college basketball tournament in Tampa Bay, spring training games, and the Transitions PGA Golf Tournament, there should be no surprise that Sunstar Ambulance would be busy. However, last week, there was a record number of emergency calls in Pinellas County. Sunstar’s 911 dispatch center sent crews on 3,598.

March 12

It’s Spring Break in Florida–More Distracted Drivers!!

The weather is beautiful. Spring Training baseball games are being played. The beach is full of good-looking people in bathing suits. Spring Break in Florida–it’s wonderful, but dangerous on the roads. With all the college students (and other spring breakers), Florida’s roads are full of drivers not knowing where they are going, pedestrians trying to.