April 15

Is Florida’s No-Texting-While-Driving Law Working?

Distraction is a leading cause of Florida car accidents. Last year, Florida Statute 316.305 was passed making it illegal to text while driving. In legal terms, it says no person is permitted to “operate a motor vehicle while manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers, symbols, or other characters into a wireless communications device or.

September 30

Will Tomorrow’s New Law Reduce Florida Car Accidents?

It is estimated that 4,500 car accidents in Florida in 2012 were related to cell phone use while driving. Will this change after tomorrow? Tomorrow, October 1st, texting while driving will be illegal in Florida, with some exceptions. Florida will become the 41st state to ban the practice of texting while driving, but some say.

August 30

Legal Responsibility for Sending Text Messages to Drivers

If a car accident occurs because a driver was text-messaging while driving, almost all will agree that the driver should be responsible for that automobile accident. However, should the person who sends text messages to drivers also be responsible for the crash if the driver causes a car accident while reading the text message they.

June 14

Does Florida Cell Phone Law Go Far Enough to Prevent Car Accidents?

Beginning Oct. 1, motorists in Florida can be ticketed for texting while driving. However, to issue a ticket for texting, law enforcement first would have to stop a driver for another offense — like careless driving, if a vehicle was swerving or going too slow while the driver texted. The officer would have to see.

March 7

Ban on Texting While Driving in Florida Unanimously Passes Committee

A bill to prevent car accidents caused by texting while driving made progress during yesterday’s Florida legislative session, but it has a long way to go. Despite studies that conclude a texting driver is 23 times more likely to crash than one not texting, a similar bill has died without being passed each of the.

August 7

Texting While Driving Leads to Fence Going Through Windshield

Washington State Police Moments before this fence post came flying towards the driver’s head, the Washington State teenager was texting while driving. According to Katu.com, Washington State Patrol Trooper Russ Winger said the teen was driving on Saturday when other drivers reported seeing him texting and talking on the phone while driving erratically. The 18-year-old.

June 8

Text Messaging While Driving Results in Jail Time

In Massachusetts, Aaron Deveau was convicted of causing a car accident while he was text-messaging. He was charged with motor vehicle homicide and negligent operation of a motor vehicle, using a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle, reading or sending an electronic message, a marked lanes violation, and two counts of negligent operation and.

January 4

Trolley Driver Texting While Driving Gets Probation

Texting while driving puts you and your passengers at risk as well as the other people on the road. However, if you are a Boston trolley driver, texting while driving puts on the trolley’s passengers in danger as well. This week, a former driver, Aiden Quinn, plead guilty to texting his girlfriend just before his.

October 19

Phone Apps that Prevent Text Messaging While Driving

Preventing teenagers (and other drivers) from texting while driving. As part of our focus on Teen Driver Safety Week, let’s look at some apps that can block text messaging while driving. One of applications that can prevent car accidents caused by text messaging is the SMSReplier app. When you are driving above 15 miles an.

August 25

Typically I Have Nothing Good to Say About State Farm, But … .

I go to battle with State Farm almost every day on how they evaluate my client’s car accident injuries and usually have negative things to say about how they put profit before people. But, I believe when someone does something good, they deserve recognition no matter who they are. Approximately 200,000 car accidents a year.

April 21

We The Kings Helping Fight Against Texting & Driving

The Florida Legislature has a bill heading to the Senate floor making it a traffic offense to text message while driving. If the bill banning texting while driving passes the Florida legislature, and you’re caught texting and driving, you’re going to get a ticket. One band, Bradenton’s We The Kings is also trying to stop.

January 27

This Ban is Likely Coming to Florida

Effectively immediately, all inter-state truck drivers and commercial bus or van drivers who carry more than eight passengers are banned from texting while driving. Yesterday, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) announced a federal ban on texting while driving for commercial truck and bus drivers. Drivers who text while driving commercial vehicles may be subject.

August 31

Is Shock Video of Teenage Texting and Driving the Answer?

It’s not new or any great surprise–text messaging while driving leads to car accidents and can lead to the death of your family member or a complete stranger. What is new and quite surprising is a shocking video created by a police department in the UK. It depicts a teenage girl texting while driving followed.