December 10

Car Accident Shuts Down Ulmerton Road in Seminole

A car accident on any road can cause havoc to other drivers, but when an automobile crash happens on a busy road like Ulmerton Road, it can shut down traffic for hours. That’s exactly what happened on Monday at the intersection of Ulmerton Road and Seminole Boulevard. According to, three people were injured in.

March 18

Hit & Run Motorcycle Crash in the Middle of Rush Hour

Another hit-and-run accident that put two people in the hospital and this one happened in the middle of rush hour traffic! Kelly Lichtenberg and her husband, James Lichtenberg, were enjoying a St. Patrick’s Day ride on their motorcycle when a maroon pickup truck collided with the back of the bike. James Lichtenberg lost control of.

October 23

Have You Seen the Truck Involved in this Fatal Hit-and-Run?

We know that Tony Allen Sorenson of Fort Myers was killed after being hit by a truck as he walked north across Ulmerton shortly after 8 p.m. on Thursday. We don’t know who killed. The driver of a silver Ford F-150 continued westbound on Ulmerton and fled the scene. Mr. Sorenson was pronounced dead at.