October 23

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight

Car accidents can happen at any time of the day, but typically, when accidents happen after midnight, there is usually a story behind it. Yesterday’s St. Petersburg car accident is no different. On early Wednesday morning, around 1:50 a.m., a car crash at 15th Avenue S. and 37th Street South put Amelia Tumbling and her.

June 19

Anyone Can Cause A Car Accident – Even Justin Bieber

Car accidents happen almost every hour of the day, but when the crash involves recent bad-boy Justin Bieber, it makes the news. According to reports from WPTV.com, the 19-year-old singer was reportedly involved in an accident in Los Angeles on Monday night involving a pedestrian. The report cites TMZ stating that Bieber was leaving a.

April 17

Drivers Like This Guy Require You to Have Uninsured Motorst Coverage

Even if you drive safely, car accidents and injuries from car accidents are sometimes caused by people who shouldn’t be on the road (and likely to have no insurance). According to , an unlicensed driver was arrested this morning after nearly crashing into a building, hitting a taxi cab and hitting an innocent bystander in.

September 19

One Out of Four Florida Drivers Don’t Have This — What is It?

If you or your family member are injured in a car accident in Florida, the chances are nearly 1 in 4 that the at-fault driver doesn’t have the insurance to cover your injuries, according to a new national study. It is important to remember that Florida law does not require a driver to purchase bodily.

October 27

Man Killed From Hit & Run

It is unbelievable how someone can hit a person with their car, stop, and then drive off. Sadly, that happened in St. Petersburg on Saturday night resulting in a man being killed. Roy Solomon was trying to cross Martin Luther King Jr. Street near 22nd Avenue South when someone driving a 1999 Mercedes-Benz SUV slammed.