January 29

Whiplash After A Car Accident

Whiplash is so commonly used after a car accident. Unfortunately, it is sometimes used to minimize the injuries after a car accident – “You just have whiplash.” Knowledge is power so let’s look into what whiplash really is. According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash is a neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of.

December 7

It’s Not Just Whiplash!

After a car accident, many people experience neck and shoulder pain that radiates into the arm. The neck is treated for the tearing and stretching of the ligaments, but the arm pain and hand pain continues. The MRI is negative for a herniated disc, but the patient still has problems from the car accident. A.

July 31

New Hope for Whiplash Injuries?

Whiplash injuries caused by the sudden acceleration-deceleration forces on the neck as a result a rear-end or side impact crash are quite common after a car accident. On recent study is looking into a new way of treating whiplash. The University of Queensland’s Centre for National Research on Disability and Rehabilitation Medicine is currently trialing.

March 19

Brain Injuries Often Occur in Whiplash-Related Car Accidents

A brain injury can result from the simplest event. Sadly, actress Natasha Richardson just died from a brain injury from a relatively small fall while taking skiing lessons. Apparently, she thought she was ok after the fall, but unfortunately, she wasn’t. Unfortunately, this happens to many people involved in whiplash-type car accidents as well. In.

November 5

Neck Muscle Injury After A Car Accident

It is bound to happen. You get rear-ended in a car accident and soon you feel neck pain. A recent study by leading whiplash researchers has examined the role that neck muscle playsin auto accident injuries; specifically, they looked at when the muscles of the neck became activated during a crash and what role that.