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Text Messaging While Driving Can Kill


Think Twice Before Text Messaging While Driving

Driving while under the influence or alcohol or drugs is one thing. But allowing yourself to get distracted when you’re behind the wheel is never wise. Along with reading, applying makeup or talking on cell phones while driving, you can add a new type of dangerous behavior: text messaging. In fact, text messaging while driving can kill.

On the day before Thanksgiving last year, high school senior Patrick Sims was driving less than a mile from his Denver home and texting a friend, when his girlfriend suddenly screamed. When Sims looked up, he was just inches from a cyclist in the bike lane. “I couldn’t swerve my car, I couldn’t move it, because he was just too close,” Sims recalls. “There was nothing I could do to possibly stop the car accident from happening.” The resulting collision killed a 63-year-old grandfather, and changed the teen’s life forever.

In a recent survey by a leading insurance company, 37 percent of teens said they found text messaging to be extremely or very distracting while driving. Nevertheless, many teens–and persons of all ages–do it, and don’t think twice about the possible consequences.

No message is important enough to risk death. One distraction can lead to a tragedy. In seconds, your life, or someone else’s life, can change.

Do the right thing and wait to read or send that text message until you are stopped at a traffic light or stop sign. If it is too important to wait, pull over and read it. Your refusal to do so can result in death or serious injury in a car accident.

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