Sep 4

This Week is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week


Nearly 1,500 children ages 14 and younger died is occupants in car accidents in 2005. Approximately 203,000 other children were injured in car accidents.

This week (September 1st-7th) is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week. Although a few weeks from now is National Child Passenger Safety Week, we can never focus too much on our kids’ safety in the car. Thus, as part of National Childhood Injury Prevention, I urge you to consider your child’s safety while driving.

In previous posts, I have discussed the proper protocol for child restraint seats. I urge you to review the prior posts. All children ages 12 years old and younger should be seated in the back seat and should be properly restrained every time they ride in a motor vehicle even during those quick trips to the corner market. Depending on your child’s age and weight, the child should either be in a rear-facing seat, forward facing seat, a booster seat, or simply a seat belt. Take a moment to learn what is right for your child.

My law practice has shown me that even when the child is properly restrained, injury occurs because someone else was not paying attention causing a car accident. If you or your child has been injured in a Florida car accident, you have rights and responsibilities. You should contact an attorney before talking to the insurance companies. To reach me for a free case evaluation, simply click here.

Hug and kiss your child every time you leave. You never know when it may be your last.

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