Mar 21

Tips for a Safer Spring Break

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spring BreakSpring Break in Clearwater and Tampa Bay! Who wouldn’t want to come to our beautiful area for some rest and warm weather (well, not today!)? It is a wonderful place for spring break as proven by Florida being is one of the top Spring Break destinations in the country for high school and college-aged students. However, with the spring breakers and other drivers unfamiliar with our roads, spring break is a bad time for car accidents.

Here are a few facts and tips provided the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles that could make sure your spring break (and us locals) a bit safer:

  • There were more than 32,000 car accidents across Florida in March 2015 alone, of those 478 involved drivers who had alcohol in their system and 44 people were killed in alcohol related crashes. Therefore, it is important that you don’t get in a car driven by someone who has drank alcohol and watch out for those on the road.
  • Law enforcement officers issued more than 4,500 DUI citations in March 2015 in Florida. Can you imagine how many drunk drivers were on the road who didn’t get caught?
  • Plan ahead. Always designate a sober driver before any drinking begins, or take a taxi or public transportation if you plan to drink alcohol. Call a ride service or take the bus ride. It is much cheaper than a DUI arrest.
  • Remember, a person’s judgment is the first thing affected after drinking an alcoholic beverage; a driver’s impairment begins with the first drink. Choose not to drink if you are driving, designate a sober driver.
  • Many visitors on spring break will be driving rental cars. The rental car companies are protected from liability if their drivers cause a car accident. Thus, it is important that you check your car insurance policy to make sure you are carrying underinsured motorist coverage. If you or a loved one is injured because of a driver in a rental car on spring break, it may be very difficult to be compensated for your medical bills and lost wages and other injuries without underinsured motorist coverage.

Enjoy Spring Break! Spring Breakers, spend lots of money in our local shops and hotels, but do it safely.


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