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Top Speeding Locations and Car Accident Details


speeding causes car accidentsSpeeding can result in a fine and points on your driver’s license. However, it can also cause serious car accidents and even death. Just ask the friends and family of a mother who was killed along with her two year old daughter because punks decided to race on Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa.

ABC Action News recently ran a story on their investigation into the speeding ticket data throughout Tampa Bay in the first five months of 2018. The number one spot for speeding tickets, so far, in 2018 is Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa with 466 speeding citations issued since January. Since January 2018, there were also 300 crashes, 200 injuries and four people killed on Hillsborough Avenue. Bayshore Boulevard with 430 being issued from January to May (many coming after the fatal accident) is number 2.

The report added that Gandy Boulevard is the fourth most ticketed road in the Tampa Bay for speeders with more than 333 citations being issued so far in 2018. The other ticket hot spots we found in the Tampa Bay Metro Area since January include Dale Mabry, Bruce B Downs, and US 19.

The report breaks down where most speeding tickets are issued in different areas. Here are the numbers:

Top Pasco County Speeding Tickets Spots

State Road 54 – 124 tickets
U.S. Highway 19 – 93 tickets
Land O’ Lakes Blvd. – 48 tickets


Top Tampa Speeding Tickets Spots

Hillsborough Avenue – 466 tickets
Bayshore Blvd – 430 tickets
Dale Mabry – 388 tickets
Bruce B. Downs – 284


Top St. Petersburg Speeding Tickets Spots

Gandy Blvd – 333 tickets
49th Street – 142 tickets
34th Street – 111 tickets


Top Pinellas County Speeding Tickets Spots

U.S. Highway 19 – 114 tickets
McMullen Booth Road – 106 tickets

If you drive on these roads, be careful for speeders. Sadly, many car accidents can be avoided if drivers maintained the proper speed.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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