Dec 31

Two Ways to Get You and Your Car Home Safely This New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve! Time to celebrate! Sadly, also a time for serious car accidents because of drunk drivers.

Two ways to get you and your car home safely without the risk of a car accident or DUI charges are AAA’s Tow To Go program and

AAA and Budweiser has again paired up to provide a FREE service that gets an impaired driver and their vehicle home. Since its inception in 1998, Tow to Go has safely removed more than 23,000 intoxicated drivers from the roads. The service is designed to be used as a last resort. It is offered based on availability of AAA Service Technicians and tow trucks during times of high call volume. It provides a confidential local ride for both the impaired driver and the car within a 10-mile radius to a safe location and is free and available to both AAA members and non-members. The number to input into your smartphone is (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246.

Another service that can prevent a serious car accident and avoid DUI charges is through This company has three different services:

1) The Designated Driver Service: A person can reserve a Designated Driver in advance to drive the client in their vehicle for an hourly rate. There is a 3-hour minimum on all Designated Driver orders. This driver will wait in the client’s vehicle while the client and his/her guests do as they wish. The driver will take home the client and/or the client’s guests whenever they are ready.

2) The Pick Up You AND Your Car Service: This service is designed for people that have driven somewhere and need transportation to another location. A client may call 1-877-U-BEMYDD and have a team of two drivers come and take the client AND their vehicle to a destination of choice.

3) The Personal Driver service: This service is designed for clients seeking a driver to drive the client in their vehicle to meetings, appointments, the grocery store, etc. A BeMyDD client can reserve a driver to drive the client and their vehicle wherever they want to go at an hourly rate. The driver will wait in the client’s vehicle and take them to another destination or their original location when ready.

The cost in Pinellas County appears to be $17.50 an hour for the designated driver services and $25.00 plus mileage for the car pickup service. You can call them at 1-877-U-BEMYDD.

There are likely more similar services (not to mention a fellow party-goer or spouse who does not drink) that can get an impaired person home safely. Plan now before the party so you are prepared!

Lastly, remember that you can be the safest and soberest driver and still be injured in a car accident because of the negligence of another driver on the road. So, pay more attention tonight for those drivers and stay away from them.

Happy New Year!!


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