Jul 6

U.S. 19 Near Curlew Road and Tampa Road May Now Be Safer


U.S. 19 and Curlew Road and Tampa Road in Palm Harbor, FloridaAnyone who drives on U.S. 19 between Curlew Road and Tampa Road knows how dangerous turning into businesses or onto side streets can be. Florida Highway Patrol reports 257 car accident crashes along US 19 in the Palm Harbor/Clearwater area over the past 5 years. In the past five months, there were thirteen car accident involving cars turning left from U.S. 19 north of Curlew Road. Many of these car accidents involve serious injuries and death. As a result, steps are being taken to reduce the number of car accidents near Curlew Road and U.S. 19.

According to an article on ABC Action News, the northbound turn lanes near the area north of Curlew Road near the Honda and Mini Cooper car dealerships have been closed by the Florida Department of Transportation. Drivers will no longer be able turn left into County Road 39 to get to Belcher Road. Although this is will force drivers to make a dangerous U-turn one block further north on US 19, FDOT says U-turns are still much safer than left-hand turns, which force drivers to make their way through four lanes of traffic.

This change is not the only change drivers on U.S. 19 near Curlew Road and Tampa Road will see in the future. FDOT also plans to add flyovers in this same area within the next couple years, allowing traffic to drive over Curlew Road and SR 580. The overpass and frontage road work is starting in 2020, according to FDOT.

So, the old saying “Pray For Me, I Drive On U.S. 19” still has meaning today. Driving on U.S. 19 near Curlew Road and Tampa Road is dangerous. Trying to make a left turn over multiple lanes of traffic simply added to the danger.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t!


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