Dec 30

Vehicular Homicide Charges Filed After Fatal Christmas Car Accident


The drunk driver who caused the car accident that has forever stained Christmas for the Martins family has been arrested and charged with DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide, according to Paul Edward Pulkiownik, from Largo, was allegedly drunk when he drove the wrong way on Park Boulevard and crashed into a vehicle driven by Isabel Martins as she drove her parents, Joao Martins and Arminda Martins. All three were killed from injuries sustained in the car accident.

Albeit very sad to be killed by a drunk driver, what’s worse is that Isabel Martins’ son, 23-year-old Matthew John Martins, must now endure New Years and all future Christmases without his mom or grandparents. My thoughts and prayers go out to Matthew Martins. Even worse, Matthew Martins saw his mother and grandparents be killed in the car accident because he was traveling behind his mom. The drunk driver’s actions caused Matthew Martins to sideswiped the left side of his mother’s car and then struck the drunk driver’s car head-on.

This sad car accident should remind each of us how fast our lives can be forever changed because of a car accident. Also, how fast your life can forever change if you drink and drive. Neither the Martins nor the Pulkiownik families will ever be the same – all because of the actions of one person causing this tragic fatal car accident.

Drive safely and watch out for those who don’t. Always kiss your loved one good-bye before you get on the road.


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