Apr 21

We The Kings Helping Fight Against Texting & Driving

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The Florida Legislature has a bill heading to the Senate floor making it a traffic offense to text message while driving. If the bill banning texting while driving passes the Florida legislature, and you’re caught texting and driving, you’re going to get a ticket.

One band, Bradenton’s We The Kings is also trying to stop teens from texting and driving. Whatever Tampa Bay area high school that gets the most students to pledge they will not text and drive anymore gets a free private concert performed by We The Kings. This campaign is powered by local non-profit More Health, 93.3 and Allstate Insurance.

According to 10Connects.com, We The Kings front man Travis Clark said, “All it takes is one little blink away from the road and something terrible could happen to you or a friend or someone you don’t know. It’s not cool.”

So far, a dozen Bay area high schools are competing in the contest. If you want your school to get involved, click here to enter.

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car accidents. Text messaging while driving takes your eyes and concentration off the road which can easily result in an automobile accident. Don’t do it and don’t drive with friends that text and drive. I have not yet a parent who wasn’t willing to change plans around so their child doesn’t have to car-pool with a driver who refuses to stop text messaging and driving.

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