Jan 13

What Could Become Florida Law This Legislative Session?

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Potential Florida lawFlorida law will be the talk for the next sixty days as the Florida Legislature is back in session. Right now, there are about 1600 bills filed that could become new Florida law by March 2016. However, because it is a major election year, don’t expect anything really shocking to happen during this session.

There are some bills that I will be paying closer attention to because they impact my personal injury practice and my clients. They include:

Senate Bill 328 will change the Florida law about texting while driving to a primary offense meaning law enforcement officers can stop a driver for texting while driving. Right now, texting while driving is a secondary offense which means you can only be cited for it if you are stopped for something else.

• Sen. Jeff Brandes from St. Petersburg filed Senate Bill 1112 which would eliminate Personal Injury Protection (“No-Fault”) coverage after a car accident but would require motorists to have a minimum of property-damage and bodily-injury liability coverage. Presently, most drivers are not required to carry any bodily injury liability coverage. However, Personal Injury Protection coverage pays for certain medical expenses and lost wages after a car accident up to $10,000.00.

• Employers would be prohibited from requesting or requiring access to an employee’s or prospective employee’s social media accounts under CS/SB 186. This is a growing trend with the insurance companies invading claimant’s social media accounts in an attempt to gather evidence against the claimant.

There are many more bills that are being discussed and debated that may become Florida law from carrying guns to smoking marijuana. However, these three are bills that could have an impact on many Floridians. So, stay tuned for the latest developments!


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