Mar 31

When Pigs Fly-When Work Comp Carriers Care About Injured Workers



Finally a movie that documents the hell an injured worker goes through because of the workers’ compensation system!!

When Pigs Fly is a documentary about the life of Lory Yazurlo whose life was turned upside down after a work comp injury in 1991 which left her a quadriplegic. Since 1995, Yazurlo has been the “the Pig Lady of Bunnell” taking in unwanted pets and abandoned domestic pigs and caring for them–something the workers’ compensation system has failed to do for her.

The movie documents how Lory struggles with her physical impairments while still having to battle for the workers’ compensation benefits she is entitled to under the law. For more information on the movie, go to .

As an attorney who fights for injured workers in Florida, I see too many times the battles people on workers’ compensation have to got through to get the simplest of benefits. Insurance adjusters think they’re doctors and deny treatment recommended by the authorized treating doctor. Insurance adjusters fail to send out the injured worker’s indemnity check on time. It’s ridiculous!

The process to secure workers’ compensation benefits which are being denied is tricky. Any injured worker should not try to do it him- or herself. The insurance company has attorneys looking out for their best interest, so should the injured worker.

My firm has been representing those on work comp in Florida for over 52 years. We know the hell that an injured worker must go through to get their workers’ compensation benefits. We also know the steps needed to fight for get a Judge of Compensation Claims to force the insurance companies to provide those benefits.

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  1. Rita Gutierrez 3 Apr 2007 | reply

    Matt, you have been my rock in regards to my Workman’s Comp case! You got me approved for Permanent Total Disability even after they initially denied me. I think it is horrible how the adjusters can screw with us in regards to them approving medical services, meds, etc. I think my doctor that has been treating from day 1 knows more that the adjuster as to what I need. Also the adjusters mess with us by not approving our meds in a timely fashion. Several of my meds are addictive (my doctor calls it “medically dependent”) but never holds up the approval on the meds that don’t cause me any harm by missing several does. My adjust has made me wait as long as 7 days for my pain meds. My checks have been as much as 30 days late which really hurts me because as most people on Workman’s Comp know, we live literally from check to check. When my rent is 5 days late it costs me an extra $50 which I don’t have. They send us to doctors who see us all of 5 minutes and don’t even look at our exrays or test results by other doctors and have the nerve to say there is nothing wrong with us and we should return to work. How can they go by that recomendation which is a complete 180 of my doctors recomendation and my doc has been treating me since day 1 of my work related injury? They treat us horribly and there should be something we can do, but there isn’t and they know that so they continue messing with us. I worry from check to check as to whether I will even remain on PTD because they can kick me off any time with no notice. There should be laws made for ourn protection but instead all the laws seem to benefit Workman’s Comp. But Matt, you have fought tooth and nail for me and I really appreciate it. If there are any people out there trying to decide on an attorney to handle their WC’s case, look no further. You have found a winner here. Thank Matt!!

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