Aug 1

Which Clearwater & Oldsmar Intersections Will Issue Red-Light Camera Tickets Starting Today?

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Many car accidents occur at intersections. Of those, many are caused by someone running a red light. But, are red light cameras the answer? Clearwater and Oldsmar officials think so.

Starting yesterday, the warning period is over and the tickets will be issued if the camera catches you running the red light at two major Clearwater intersections — the Gulf-to-Bay Blvd and Belcher intersection and the Chestnut Street and S. Fort Harrison intersection. The Gulf to Bay Blvd. and Belcher Rd. intersection cameras will be focused on east and west bound Gulf to Bay traffic. Chestnut Street at S. Fort Harrison will be monitored eastbound. Officials say 250 car automobile crashes were caused by drivers running red lights at these intersections in the past three years.

According to , more than 700 warnings were sent to motorists that had been caught by the cameras in the month of July.

Oldsmar drivers, you’re not dodging the camera. Starting today, Oldsmar will have cameras at four intersections watching for red-light runners with three of them on Tampa Road — Gull Aire and Curlew Rd; Tampa Rd. and State Route 580; Tampa Road and St. Petersburg Drive; and Tampa Road and Forest Lakes Blvd. If you are caught running the light, look in your mail for a $158 ticket.

How do they work? If you go over the white line at more than 15 mph, the camera’s sensor will be triggered and it will take your picture and then the police will review the photo or the video to see if you broke the law. The camera takes two photos from the rear: one of the vehicle before the intersection with the light red, and a second one of the vehicle in the intersection.

Whether it is at an intersection that had cameras or not, drive safely and watch out for those who don’t. A few extra seconds could save your life or the life of those in your car.


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