Jan 9

Why Clearwater Has So Many Pedestrian Accidents

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Being hit by a car as a pedestrian can result in serious injuries, if not death. Unfortunately, Clearwater and Pinellas County have one of the highest pedestrian vs. car accident rate. An explains that some of the reasons for so many accidents involving pedestrians in Clearwater are the weather, density, impatience and education.

The article gathered much of its information from Paul Bertels, Clearwater traffic operations manager. Although Mr. Bertels raises many good points, my read of the article indicates that he believes most walker v. car accidents are caused by the pedestrian. I’m not sure that is 100% correct.

Yes, pedestrians have to be patient and careful when crossing the streets. However, drivers also need to be on high alert for pedestrians. If a car was to hit a pedestrian, it would be the pedestrian that suffers the most injury. Drivers have a responsibility to take steps to avoid injuries to pedestrians even if the pedestrian is being impatient and not waiting for the walk indicator.

Pedestrians should read Mr. Bertels thoughts and do what they can to minimize the chances of being involved in a walker vs. car accident. However, drivers need to repeatedly scan the road for pedestrians and keep an eye on the walker’s actions–especially when there are kids–so they are prepared to take evasive action. Even if the pedestrian may be at fault if an accident occurred, isn’t it better if a vehicle driver would prevent that from happening.

Walk and drive safely, but watch out for those who don’t.


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  1. billshields2 17 Jan 2013 | reply

    There are a ton of accidents. You’d think that the occupation of a (http://juanlaw.com/blog/practice-areas/construction-accidents/) personal injury attorney would just boom because of stuff like this. It makes me sad, knowing that there are all of these accidental killings or injuries, and not everyone is convicted who should be. Especially in Dallas. Not everyone there (because I live there) gets the justice that they deserve.

  2. santa monica bmw 11 Jan 2013 | reply

    Accident could be caused due to any one’s fault. This article tells about the pedestrians and the car owner those are involved in accidents. Many accidents are caused due to Clearwater. Here Clearwater means weather,density,impatience, and education.Weather might be a factor for accident. Sometimes accident occurs due to bad weather. The other reason are like if the driver is impatient then there might be an accident. So we need to be careful while driving. Sometimes due to pedestrians faults accident take place.

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