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Your Team of Personal Injury Attorneys and Staff Helping After Tampa Bay Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Workers’ Compensation Claims & Social Security Disability Claims

team workAfter a Tampa Bay pers0nal injury claim, the yellow pages are full of attorneys who claim to do personal injury cases. Billboards saturate any busy intersection in Tampa Bay with attorneys asking them to call you. It seems there are more personal injury attorney commercials on television than any other type of commercial. Picking the right Tampa Bay personal injury attorney after your car accident, motorcycle crash, slip and fall or other personal injury matter can be a tough decision. Who do you turn to?

With changes in Florida workers’ compensation law, it is harder to find an attorney who will help you fight for your workers’ compensation benefits. Who do you turn to?

If you are fighting to get Social Security Disability, you do have options to have a non-lawyer or a lawyer help you in front of the Administrative Law Judge? Who do you turn to?

Tampa Bay Attorney Matthew Noyes is who you should turn to. The majority of cases that Attorney Matthew Noyes handles come from prior clients. His clients have confidence in Attorney Matthew Noyes, Attorney Lorrie Robinson and their team of legal assistants. A referral from a present or past client is the biggest compliment we can receive. If these people have faith in our services despite the bombardment from other Tampa Bay personal injury attorneys, so should you.

Attorney Matthew Noyes prides himself in being close with his clients. He understands that he meets good people after bad things happen to them. He feels an obligation to do all he can to help the client in every aspect of their case. We don’t have files in our office – we have clients!

Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney Lorrie Robinson is an expert in personal injury civil trial. Only a small percentage of attorneys can say that. She is dedicated to knowing the law and fighting hard for our clients.

Attorneys Matthew Noyes and Lorrie Robinson could not do what they do without the help of dedicated legal assistants who are responsible for the everyday management of the client’s case. Half of the legal assistant team have been with the firm for over 10 years.

Make Tampa Bay Attorney Matthew Noyes, Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney Lorrie Robinson and their team of legal assistants be YOUR team after a Tampa Bay car accident, motorcycle crash, workers’ compensation claim or Social Security Disability claim.

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